Superior Asset Management TM
Benefits to Clients
Benefits to Clients

Whether our clients need advisory, management (program and project), staffing or technical services, there are many distinct benefits that inspire them to choose Arima Capital to work on their most important asset management initiatives.  The three most vital groups are listed below.


  • In-house business intelligence expertise allow us to develop, study, model and test solutions quickly and to gauge the value of outside resources expeditiously
  • Our portfolio of proven solutions can be easily adapted to meet new clients’ needs
  • We enhance the efficiency of our service delivery through the appropriate use of technology


  • We hire and retain the best talent in the business, so clients can be assured that they are receiving services and insights that lead them to (or close to) optimal performance
  • Superior Asset Management™ is our singular business and focus, so we can employ best practices and rich real-world insights that wouldn’t otherwise be available to our clients
  • The essential function of our business intelligence solutions is to limit errors, minimize duplication and delegate decision making capabilities to cultivate “smarter” organizations


  • By helping clients to grasp the often nebulous (yet salient) inputs of their processes or portfolios and to understand the effect those variables have on quantifiable outcomes that matter to the organization, Arima Capital gives decision makers the tools and insights needed to “generate” value deliberately—often for the first time (therein lies the true ingenuity of our Integrated Asset Management™ paradigm and the business intelligence solutions we create to empower our services and serve as internal tools for our clients)
  • We use strategic sourcing and other mechanisms to enhance our internal bandwidth economically, while maintaining or enhancing the quality of our solutions
  • We leverage our function and influence across our entire platform of clients to achieve superior buying power that benefits our clients in the form of cost savings

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