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We attract and retain exceptional professionals with strong credentials and proven experience.  Our management team has more than 180 years of combined business experience—and over 50 years in government.  We have set out to revolutionize the way government looks at its own role in the prosperity of the nation.  We believe our concerted efforts in this regard will bear fruit to the benefit of all citizens.  We take this quest seriously and will continue to measure our impact.

Our staff plays an important role in helping Arima Capital succeed.  Legal experts, financial analysts and real estate development managers collaborate with other business professionals with an array of educational and work experiences.  Diversity and depth of knowledge are the essence of our team’s dynamic success.

An integral part of our corporate culture is our individual and collective commitment to the company’s mission.  We ensure that our executive, technical and support staff fully understand and embrace the company’s mission.  In addition, our recognition and reward systems tie into our corporate values.  To ensure company-wide cohesiveness, we establish quarterly and annual goals for business units, teams and individuals—and we conduct performance reviews frequently.

Still, our success cannot endure unless we are equitable in our dealings with the people upon whose efforts we rely.  Therefore, we issue rewards to the service units, teams and individuals whose actions contribute to our overall accomplishments.  We live up to our responsibility to render service in our communities, and our people are eager to do the same.

Our philosophy emphasizes leadership, equality, teamwork and contribution.  Those employees whose efforts contribute most to the betterment of the company, our clients and the community earn a prosperous future at Arima Capital.

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